Harvest & Soil
Since 1978 the purpose of El Cafe has been to utilize the highest quality beans so that our skilled and talented people can create the world's best tasting coffee. It starts with the careful selection of coffee beans from all over the world grown in the best climate and soil conditions. Once our experienced hands analyze the coffee beans, it goes into the hands of our most professional coffee cuppers to make sure we keep creating a sensational experience with every sip you take.
Once we have the essential coffee beans we set our fire filler to intense heat to delicately roast them to perfection. With the help of our advanced roasting technology we define the perfect roast to fit the needs of our honorable customers around the world.
From hell to
After roasting and grinding our precious beans we put them through one of the most expensive processes in the world, where glacial subzero temperatures are in charge of pursuing the perfect freeze dried coffee.
This method produces crystalline particles that possess all the flavor and aroma of traditional roast and ground coffee.
The result…
Adding high value, expertise, and know-how to this technology delivers our ultimate goal; unsurpassed freeze-dried coffee with a unique aroma and distinct flavor. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

ELCAFÉ... the coffee... as it should be.