Compañía de Elaborados de Café ELCAFÉ CA is committed to maintaining high Human Rights standards in its operations and impact areas, including to prevent and address prohibited child labor, forced labor, workplace violence and harassment, and discrimination , including gender inequality, wherever they are.

We are committed to transparency and continuous improvement on Human Rights, with a focus on building capacity and systems to improve outcomes on Human Rights issues rather than disciplinary approaches that can lead to concealing Human Rights violations.

To guarantee the protection of Human Rights in all areas of our activity, Compañía de Elaborados de Café ELCAFÉ CA is committed to the following actions:

Establish a system to assess and address the risks of child labour, forced labour, workplace violence and harassment, and discrimination, managed by competent and trusted people and supported by management/administration;

Ensuring that all staff, workers, and stakeholders are aware of our commitment to defending human rights, understand the importance of these issues, are aware of the actions being taken to address risks, and can access information information and make complaints in a safe way;

Periodically conduct an assessment of the human rights risks we face in our operations and implement appropriate and realistic actions to mitigate these risks and prevent human rights abuses before they occur;

Define and implement clear plans and objectives and set realistic improvement goals to protect human rights in all parts of our operations;

Ensure that all cases of human rights violations are resolved effectively, that victims are protected and supported, and that steps are taken to prevent similar cases from occurring in the future;

Monitor human rights risks on an ongoing basis and monitor the progress and impact of our actions to mitigate risks, address issues and remediate cases so that we can continually improve our system and our human rights impacts;

Engage in a transparent and collaborative manner with all relevant stakeholders to develop approaches to protect human and worker rights, address child labor and support education

Regularly report on the results of our actions and collect accurate information to measure our progress on human rights issues.

Renam Rashid Chueiri

General manager

December 10th, 2021