Compañía de Elaborados de Café ELCAFÉ CA promotes Gender Equality oriented towards mutual respect and female empowerment. All people regardless of their sex and gender have equal rights and opportunities.


Sex : It is related to the biological characteristics of men and women and cannot be changed.

Gender : is how people see you and what people expect of you as a man or a woman, but it can also refer to the gender identity with which a person identifies.

To guarantee our actions, Compañía de Elaborados de Café ELCAFÉ CA has designated a  COMMITTEE  TO ATTEND COMPLAINTS AND  TO  PROMOTE GENDER EQUALITY; ASSESS AND ADDRESS CHILD LABOR, FORCED LABOR, DISCRIMINATION, VIOLENCE AND HARASSMENT AT WORK, which in terms of gender equality will have the following Responsibilities:

Assess and address risks related to gender equality and women's empowerment.

Implement mitigation measures related to gender equality

Inform the General Administration of identified cases of violence and discrimination based on gender, proposing remedial alternatives.

Get involved in cases of remediation of cases related to violence and discrimination based on gender;

Periodically report on the results of actions and collect accurate information to measure progress on gender equality issues.

Raise awareness about gender equality and the empowerment of women in coordination with the General Administration, at least once a year.

Renam Rashid Chueiri

General manager

February 28th, 2022