Compañía de Elaborados de Café ELCAFÉ CA, is an Ecuadorian company that produces instant soluble coffee, founded in 1977 with the purpose of offering the world and national market a variety of products with high quality and food safety standards; and products that comply with HALAL, KOSHER, and RAINFOREST ALLIANCE requirements.

In Company ELCAFÉ CA:

 1. We ensure responsible business conduct within our own operations and that may negatively affect stakeholders.

 2. We promote respect for human rights, protection of the environment and prevention of occupational risks at all levels of the organization.

 3. We are committed to continuously improving our processes and products to increase customer satisfaction and meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders, through strategic planning.

 4. We address internal and external communication with stakeholders.

 5. We ensure the skills of the personnel related to the activity of the industry, through awareness.

To achieve these commitments, we allocate the necessary financial, technical and administrative resources; we comply with Ecuadorian legislation in all aspects concerning our activity such as Quality, Food Safety, Safety and Health at Work, the Environment and Energy Efficiency; as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the product.

Social Responsibility is perceived by us from the continuous training of our collaborators, which contributes to personal and professional growth, and we ensure the well-being of their families.

As a general rule, we promote a culture based on the principles of honesty and responsibility. 


Renam Rachid Chueiri
General Manager
January 3rd, 2022